Friday, October 16, 2015

Porch brick facing completed.

The masons completed their work facing the front and back porches with brick.  

The front door has some lights taped to it for Halloween, looks better at night.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Another visit from the painters today.

Just when we thought that is was going to be a work free day the painters came by and painted the porch ceiling and some more of the trim.

Porch ceiling and window sashes are a good, correct shade of blue, a traditional color to 
keep out the spooks. 

 Here's a better explanation for a blue ceiling from Sherwin Williams:

"There are numerous theories as to why – from fooling spiders and wasps into thinking the ceiling is the sky, to blue being a harbinger of good luck, to the color extending daylight, to scaring away evil spirits."

A lot of progress!

Wow, the build is progressing beautifully!  The sheetrock has been installed, finished and primed. The hardwood floors have been nailed down and waiting for the proper time to be sanded and finished.  The outside is being painted, just a few more trim pieces need to be painted.  The driveway and sidewalks have been poured.  

The next step is going to have the interior trim and doors installed.


Wasn't that just super boring?  How about that paint job?  Four or five or more colors, we lost count.  Thank you, Haley the color consultant at Sherwin Williams in Woodstock for encouraging us to chose colors outside the normal.  We think it is going to look great when completely painted.  

Wish you could see the hardwood floors.  We decided to go with #3 red oak which is a rustic conglomeration of knot holes, worm holes and splits and other distresses.  Fabulous Flooring did a fabulous job installing them.  

Lots of concrete, more than I expected but very happy to have it.  Quality Construction also built three beautiful retaining walls to make life easier especially when my wife has to mow the yard.  

Yep, the sheet rock is done.   Just waiting for the trim to be started and completed then interior paint.  
I promise to blog more often.  I have just been crazy busy watching our house being built.

Bill  (do you believe that, if so i have some swamp land for sale then)